The thematic focus of the Inclusion Counts disability data tracker tool is work and employment. The tool explores how the right to work and employment of persons with disabilities can be applied to the SDGs. After consultation with OPDs from different countries around the world, access to work and employment was chosen as the focus of this first guideline as a priority issue within the disability community.

This tool breaks down the key elements of CRPD Article 27 and explains how they can be implemented in laws, policies, and practices. The tool also provides an overview of what the SDGs are, how civil society can engage in advocacy on the SDGs and how the rights enshrined in CRPD Article 27 can be applied to the SDG framework. It also gives recommendations for how and when to advocate for changes in line with CRPD Article 27 in the framework of the SDGs

The evidence presented from the Inclusion Counts tool can be used to assess gaps and develop strategies for advocacy both in terms of CRPD implementation and for ensuring SDGs 1, 2 and 6 are inclusive of persons with disabilities in line with the CRPD.

Every country is at a different stage of development and implementation in relation to appropriate legislation and policies needed to enable persons with disabilities to access an adequate standard of living and social protection on an equal basis with others. In addition, each country has different levels of political will and attitudinal change. There are also wide variations in how states have traditionally constructed policies and laws related to disability. However, most frameworks for disability issues were based on the medical model, in which services and programmes have been segregated.

The various policies, laws and programmes in place will influence the measures that are needed to ensure all persons with disabilities can access an adequate standard of living and social protection on an equal basis. In many cases, it will mean the structures and programmes in place will need to be repealed and reformed to comply with CRPD Article 28.

Once Organisation of Persons with Disabilities has undertaken this assessment in your country, it will help you identify the legislative and policy priorities for action and which areas require action to move forward in promoting the rights enshrined in Article 28. For further information on how to use the Inclusion Counts tool, please visit the Methodology page.